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Sarah Jones

Head Teacher, School Improvement, Personnel, Strategic Planning, Standards, Governors, School Overview and Budget

Jo Robinson

Deputy Head Teacher,  Pastoral, Foundation Subject Standards, CP Designated Lead & Safeguarding, Behaviour, School Organisations (CPD, Timetabling & Cover), TA’s and Volunteers, CP Deputy, Science and Eco School, PSHE (careers and relationship ed.)

Jason Ofori

Deputy Head Teacher, Standards (E and M), Maths, Links with other schools, GD Development
Pip King Assistant Head Teacher, Academic standards, Class teacher 2S, English, Music, Policies, KS1 phase, GD development
Des Nunes Assistant Head Teacher, Pastoral, SENCO, Safeguarding, CP deputy
Lauren Collins Class teacher, Year 3S Teacher, KS2 English, Lower KS2 phase
Francesca Curtis Class teacher, Year 4M Teacher, RE, Lower KS2, Maths
Nick Maciver Class teacher, Year 6C, Assessment, Upper KS2 phase, Website, NQT's, SPAG & Handwriting

Sam Clark

Class teacher, Year 3C Teacher, Computing and IT

Tessa Clark NQT Support, Interventions (Maternity leave)

Nina Szymichowska

Class teacher, Year 2M Teacher, Humanities

Katie Wilson

Class teacher Year RL, Art and Pupil Voice

Emma Smith

Class teacher, Year 1W, Humanities

Harriet Woodcock

Class teacher, Year RB, EYFS 

Phil Rickner Class teacher, Year 5B

Beth Coathup

Nursery Teacher

Antonette Contaoe Class teacher, Year 4H

Paddy Hill

PE Teacher, PSHE, Extended School, MFL, Community and Parents

Elena Ratcliffe Class teacher, Year 1A


Support Staff

Sue Guest

Senior Admin Officer: Finance, Admin, Site, H&S, SLT

Rema Minta-Sultan

Admin Assistant: Admissions, Admin

Josie Meneo

Admin Assistant: Finance, Admin

Marriam Kashmiri Admin Assistant:  Reception, Visits and School Journey

Rebecca Davidson

Admin Officer: Finance, Admin, Site, H&S, Clubs, Website

Arzu Yazic

TA Reception

Mehreen Niazi

TA Nursery

Belinda Collier

Senior TA Nursery, Meals Supervisor, Breakfast club, First Aid Leader

Layla Elouazani

Senior TA, First Aider, Breakfast club

Joanna Ward


Nell Walker


Judith Hornsby

Senior TA, NNEB, Paediatric first aider

Lisbet Morales

TA, Lighthouse Assistant

Ginny Littlefield TA Reception

Barbara Mills

TA Reception

Claire Martin

SEN TA, Lighthouse Leader (senior TA)

Unamae Cahill TA
Brooke McEvoy TA
Sindhata Seelochun TA
Yasmin Bartlett TA
Anthony Beaumont TA
Katerina Daly TA

Bemo Miller

Music, Clubs and play leader

Denzel Kobia TA - Sports Clubs
Hannah Williams TA
Paulina Retana De La Peza Lunchtime Supervisor and Nursery TA

Carole Lamouth

Lunchtime Supervisor and Lighthouse Club (Fridays)

Aisling Kearns TA

Kitchen Team


Angie Woodburn



Head Chef