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Sarah Jones

Head Teacher, School Improvement, Personnel, Strategic Planning, Governors, School Overview and Budget

Jo Robinson

Deputy Head Teacher,  Assessment, Science and Eco School, CPD, Timetabling & Cover, Policies, TA’s and Volunteers, Behaviour, Foundation Subjects Overview

Kit Somers

Assistant Head Teacher, Year 2M, KS1 Coordinator, KS1 T&L Standards, English, Extended School, EAL

Pip King/Jason Ofori

Assistant Head Teacher, Year 6O, T&L Standards, Maths, Planning and Archive, More and Most Able

Lucy Fennell

Year 6C Teacher,  RE

Lauren Collins

Year 5B Teacher, Computing Curriculum

Matthew Wilkins

Year 4M Teacher, Healthy Schools Second

Carolyn Bellak

Year 3S, Humanities, Music

Tessa Clark

Year 2S, Second for English, Website

Sam Clark

Year 1W,  ICT hardware

Katie Wilson

Year 1A, PSHE (including school council and fundraising)

Beth Coathup

Reception Teacher (Ladybirds), Homework

Harriet Woodcock

Reception Teacher (Butterflies), EYFS

Nneka Ndukwe

Nursery Teacher, School Visits

Wendy Lambert

Safeguarding & CP Designated Officer, Internal and External Environments, Art & DT Teacher, Pupil Premium, School Lunches

Des Nunes

SENCO, CP Deputy, Maths Second

Paddy Hill

PE Teacher, Clubs, MFL, Healthy Schools, Community and Parents

Tim Israel


Support Staff

Sue Guest

Senior Admin Officer, First Aider

Ann McCarthy

Admin Officer

Josie Meneo

Admin Assistant, Meals Coordinator

Rebecca Davidson

Admin Support, Clubs Coordinator

Philip Rickner

TA Year 6

Sophie Stone

TA Early Years

Belinda Collier

TA Nursery, Meals Supervisor, Breakfast club, First Aider

Layla Elouazani

TA Breakfast club

Clare Trsic

TA Reception, Meals Supervisor

Sue Gavin

TA Year 1, Learning Mentor, First Aider

Jo Golden

TA Year 2, EAL support, Meals Supervisor

Judith Hornsby

TA, NNEB, Paediatric first aider

Nicolette Mantua

TA Nursery


Lisbet Morales

TA, Lighthouse Assistant

Elizabeth Dillon TA Reception

Barbara Mills

TA Reception

Zoe Hamilton TA KS2

Claire Martin

TA, Lighthouse Manager

Beatriz Lozano

Lighthouse Assistant

Bemo Miller

Music, Clubs and play leader

Tony Smith

Premises Officer, First Aider

Kitchen Team


Angie Woodburn


Aisling Kearns




Alison McHayle

Meals Supervisor