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Reception – Butterflies RB

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Teacher: Harriet Woodcock

Book Changes

Every week the children are invited to choose a story book from the class book corner to read with you at home. If you would like to change this for a new one during the week, please come into the classroom and pick one out with your child.

When we feel your child is ready for a school reading book, we will start to send one home once a week. We hear 6 children read each day and change the books after we’ve heard them read, so bear in mind that your child’s book change day may be different to their friend’s.

PE kit

A labelled white T-shirt, dark shorts or trousers and appropriate footwear needs to be brought in, in a separate bag and may be left for the half term. Please make sure these are labelled with your child’s name.

Spare Clothes

Please ensure your child has a spare set of labelled clothes in school at all times. This is to be kept on their peg. If the spare set comes home to you dirty, please do ensure it is replenished with a new set as soon as possible.


There will be a piece of fruit available every day for your child. However, if you wish to pack an additional snack for them to eat during morning playtime, it must be raw fruit or veg. Please encourage your child to put it in their tray when they arrive at school in the morning.

Communication Books

In your child’s PACT folder there is an orange communication book. This is for you to write any notes for staff and occasionally, staff may write notes for you. These will be checked every Monday. However, if you write a note on a different day of the week, please put it in the yellow box by the door. If you have something you wish to discuss at greater length with staff, please let Ms Woodcock know so we can arrange a convenient time to meet.

Home Learning

Every Friday, the Reception newsletter will go onto the school website. On this you can find details of our learning during the week, along with any key dates and information you need to be aware of and suggestions for activities to support your child’s learning at home. Once we have got started with our phonics lessons, we will also send home sets of ‘High Frequency Words’ in PACT folders. These are words that appear so frequently in the English language, that it is beneficial for you to help your child practice recognising them by sight.

Show and Tell

When the children have settled, we will have ‘Show and Tell’ every Friday. This is a chance for your child to bring in something from home that they would like to talk about. It could be anything – a favourite toy, a photograph, a book – that is special to them. If you would like, you could practise for ‘Show and Tell’ at home to help your child feel more confident when speaking to the class. Sometimes it is useful to give the teacher a list of a few questions that you’ve talked about at home.

Star of the Week

On Friday, Ms Woodcock will choose one child who is the ‘Star of the Week.’ This will be in recognition of something in particular that the child has achieved that week – maybe something they’ve found tricky for a while and worked really hard on, or for something they consistently do well. Every child will be a ‘Star of the Week’ during the school year, so please don’t worry if this doesn’t happen in the first or second term.