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What does Maths look like at Sheringdale?

Mathematics at Sheringdale encourages each child to have a positive attitude towards and show confidence in their ability to deal with mathematics.  Every child is taught to think logically and independently to solve problems by using the appropriate skills, concepts and knowledge.  They are provided with rich and enjoyable experiences in Mathematics through a creative curriculum and daily maths lessons following the National Curriculum requirements.  Children are encouraged to communicate their ideas, experiences and questions to adults and peers in a clear and fluent way, using appropriate mathematical language and reasoning skills.

To uphold this statement and maintain excellent teaching and learning, maths is taught using the following:

  • Regular mental maths and arithmetic practise – times tables, basic number facts and written methods appropriate to age group and ability. 
  • Active starters, kinaesthetic learning and games.
  • Problem-solving opportunities and engaging investigations. 
  • Open-ended questions integrated into daily lessons.
  • Formative assessment is used to inform teaching and learning and pupil progress.
  • Use of rich and varied maths vocabulary in everyday lessons (displayed).
  • Consolidating of learning through plenaries and opportunities for reflection.
  • In-depth coverage of maths topics across the term/academic year through carefully planned, differentiated lessons and knowledge of year group objectives and children’s abilities.
  • self-assessment by children of their own learning and teacher – pupil dialogue about their understanding and progress.

Maths — No Problem!

This is a series of textbooks and workbooks written to meet the requirements of the 2014 English national curriculum and are being used by Sheringdale. The MNP Primary Series was assessed by the DfE’s expert panel, which judged that it met the core criteria for a high-quality textbook to support teaching for mastery. As a result, the MNP Primary Series are recommended textbooks for schools on the mastery programme. 

Please find below a link to our Maths No Problem parent videos.  These videos are designed to introduce Singapore Maths methods to parents who are not familiar with the teaching methods.