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Art and Design & Technology

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What does Design and Technology look like at Sheringdale?

At Sheringdale, Design and Technology is taught in a cross-curricula way to ensure learning is meaningful. It centres around generating ideas, as well as developing the creative and technical components to design, plan and make ideas. Here, we give our children the opportunity to build and apply their knowledge and skills to make products for a wide range of uses. We believe, through testing and evaluating their products children can then develop their problem solving skills and find the best solutions. We also believe having first-hand experience of cooking helps children to understand and apply the key principals of nutrition, an essential life-skill. 

What does art look like at Sheringdale?

At Sheringdale, we ensure our children receive the highest quality of Art and Design teaching. We ensure our children have many opportunities to express and respond to their world using a range of media and techniques. All children record their research, learning and ideas in a sketchbook and are encouraged to make thoughtful, independent choices about their ideas and evaluate their art work. They are immersed in the history, culture, craft and vocabulary of art and design and these often influence their art work.