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Sarah Jones

Head Teacher, School Improvement, Personnel, Strategic Planning, Standards, Governors, School Overview and Budget

Jo Robinson

Deputy Head Teacher, Pastoral, Equalities and Pupil Premium, CP Designated Lead & Safeguarding, Behaviour & Wellbeing, School Organisations, TAs and Volunteers, Eco School, RS & PSHE, Nursery Teacher; EYFS Lead

Ben Matthews

Deputy Head Teacher, DHT Academic Standards, CDP & Training, Maths, Broad Curriculum, Policies, KS1, Interventions, RL Class Teacher
Zoe Traviss Assistant Head Teacher (maternity)
Des Nunes Assistant Head Teacher, Pastoral, SENCO, Safeguarding, CP deputy, Behaviour and Wellbeing, Lower KS2
Phil Rickner Assistant Headteacher: Broad Curriculum; Class teacher Year 6O 
Michael Fink Class teacher Year 6C
Nicola Finch Class teacher, Year 5L
Gregory Sleet Class teacher, Year 5B

Charlotte Spencer

Class teacher, Year 4M

Stephanie Flack Class teacher, Year 4H

Kelly Neeves

Class teacher, Year 3SB

Lizzie Gaskin

Class teacher Year 3C

Celia Young

Class teacher Year 2S

Jonathan Pate Class teacher, Year 2M
Ellen Gibson Assistant Headteacher English; Class teacher, Year 1A
Emma Souter Class teacher, Year 1W
Annie Contanoe Class teacher, Year RB
Katie Wilson EYFS Lead (Maternity)
Paddy Hill Head of PE
Charlotte Arrowsmith Music

Support Staff

Ytzi Valdes

Admin Assistant: Reception, Admissions, Admin

Rebecca Davidson

School Business manager: Finance, Admin, Site, H&S, Clubs, Website

Marriam Kashmiri Senior Admin Officer: Reception, Visits and School Journey, HR, Stock

Belinda Collier

Senior TA Nursery, Meals Supervisor, Breakfast club, First Aid Leader

Lisbet Morales


Ginny Littlefield TA Reception

Yasmin Bartlett

TA Reception

Claire Martin


Karron Lovatt-Fraser TA
Sam Brown TA and Beanstalk Club Manager (Mon- Thurs)
Marcia Garcia TA

Lidia Quadras


Ros Murray TA - Nursery
Judith Hornsby NNEB, Paediatric first aider
Lesley Barber Lunchtime Supervisor, Nursery TA, Beanstalk Assistant
Aisling Kearns TA
Lucy Mills TA
Sarah Morgan TA
Natasha Thaw HLTA and PE
Luis Herrero HLTA and PE
Roselyn Ntim Beanstalk Assistant (Manager Fridays)
Iza  Lunchtime supervisor

Kitchen Team


Ange Woodburn



Head Chef