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Music Statement of Intent

Sheringdale’s approach to music is that it is accessible for everyone, experienced by everyone, and enjoyed by everyone. Through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing and composing, it is the intention that each child gains an understanding of music across histories and cultures, supported by our cross-curricula approach, and going above and beyond what is laid out in the National Curriculum. By knowing more about music, they will remember more about music, and it is our aim that music not be seen as an inaccessible art meant only for the few but rather as a method of communication and source of enjoyment for all.

The curriculum ensures all students, regardless of ability, sing, listen, play, perform, and evaluate; this is achieved through dedicated classroom activities, weekly singing assemblies, performative assemblies, productions and extra-curricular clubs and activities. The curriculum is designed to build-on and progress; from EYFS, which sees music as a tool to learn routines and embed and foundational skills of reading, speaking and counting, through KS 1 and 2, where musical knowledge and skills sees an increasing level of difficulty and maturity.  Pupils with SEND benefit from accessible, well-considered lessons with inclusivity being at the heart of much music-making.   Similarly, opportunities to extend the most able as readily available through open-ended tasks and high expectations.

Sheringdale has a long history of singing, and beyond curriculum-based music lessons, Sheringdale takes part in the Young Voices choir, an inclusive club available to all KS2 students, with weekly rehearsals culminating in singing live at the O2 arena; private instrumental tuition is available, with students currently learning piano and recorder; drama and dance clubs available for both KS1 and KS2; and an ever increasing list of community opportunities for singing.

It is the intent of our music curriculum that all children leave Sheringdale more inspired, more self-confident and more creative, equipped with the necessary tools to continue music in the next stage of their lives.