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History and Geography

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Geography Statement of Intent

Children at Sheringdale are naturally eager to learn about the world around them and our aim is to promote and nurture that curiosity about their own and the wider world. We aspire for all children to be skilled, active learners who want to explore and investigate people, places and the environment, who enjoy and value the variety they see about them whilst considering equality and the future of our planet.

At Sheringdale Geography is so much more than merely 'describing the Earth'.

Our ambitious Geography curriculum helps children to recognise and value our interdependence with other people in their own area and in the wider world, and to appreciate the diversity evident in the world among peoples and environments. It introduces children to the nature, role and value of maps in ‘seeing’, understanding, interpreting and valuing the world, from the local to the global. Geography takes forward children’s understanding and appreciation of places, of their importance to us, of our impact on them and of how we can manage and develop our world.

From Early Years to Year 6, through our carefully planned topics and creative, cross curricular approach, we aim to inspire each of our children to develop a 'need to know' - an urge to know more through topics that provoke geographical questioning, develop research skills and require data collection through fieldwork. An approach which is both inclusive and challenging, ensures all learners approach geographical learning with keen interest and led by questioning and discussion.  By the time children leave in Year 6, they are able to look at data critically, engage with talk for learning and reasoning skills, collaborate and to ask critical questions.

In conjunction with other curriculum subjects, our Geography curriculum intent is the prepare our pupils to be truly global citizens, aware of their own place in our ever-changing world, and actively interested and involved in shaping their own futures.

History Statement of Intent

In History at Sheringdale we aim to help the children gain a thorough, coherent knowledge and understanding Britain’s past and that of the wider world, as well as equip children with important life skills, such as reasoning and scrutiny of facts, that can be learnt through history. We aim to inspire curiosity and give children the skills and experience of working things out for themselves to create their own meanings about the past. From developing a basic understanding of the past in EYFS, to analysing, questioning and challenging sources and information different periods of history in Year 6, children are always developing historical skills whilst building on their understanding of historical eras, making links and connections between different time periods. 

History is taught in an integrated cross-curricular way through carefully planned topics. The History curriculum is brought to life through stories, drama, music and art. Our children enjoy a hands-on approach to History, using a range of artefacts and other information sources to investigate the past. We use these accessible, low threshold opportunities to develop children’s skills in interpreting, reasoning, evaluating and analysing information. Children at Sheringdale also benefit from many opportunities to deepen their understanding and bring local, national and global history to life through trips to historical sites, museums and workshops.  Our focus on historical enquiry supports children of all ages and abilities become enthusiastic, active learners in history, through posing their own questions and discussing how to go about finding answers.   Our intent is for every child to feel confident in their understanding of the past, its impact on the present and how history can shape the future.