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What does English look like at Sheringdale?

Through the teaching of English at Sheringdale we aim to provide children with the opportunity to talk, listen, read, write and develop confidence with using language to communicate their ideas and express themselves creatively and imaginatively across all areas of the National Curriculum.


At Sheringdale children have access to a wide variety of high quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry. A love of reading is encouraged with welcoming book corners in every class and our aim is for all children to become enthusiastic, independent and fluent readers. Reading is taught through methods such as shared and guided reading to develop both the skills of decoding and reading comprehension. Children take home books from school together with a Reading Diary to record their reading journey.


Children in Early Years and Key Sage 1 are taught phonics following the progression of the New National Curriculum and through the phonics programme Letters and Sounds.  Synthetic Phonics is taught explicitly in Early Years and Year 1 with children progressing to a more spelling and grammar based focus during Year 2.


At Sheringdale we provide children with the opportunity to write for a variety of purposes and different audiences. They write in response to a wide range of stimuli, including stories, plays and poems, their interests, experiences and activities in the classroom. We aim to make writing real and purposeful and encourage children to work on editing and improving their drafting skills and use of grammar, puntuation and spelling.


At Sheringdale we recognise the importance in which children need to be able to write with ease, speed and legibility. We also appreciate the strong link between handwriting and spelling. Therefore, from nursery upwards, all year groups are exposed to and directly taught a continuous cursive style of handwriting.